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Let's deprecate jQuery

Update: 5 days after this blog post the jQuery team released version 3.0 which is A+ compatible.

jQuery has been good to us, since it's arrival back in 2006 it helped us by abstracting away many browser incompatibilities. It came with good documentation and made our lives as web developers in general much easier. jQuery provided us with a powerful (Sizzle) selector engine, easy DOM manipulation and a simplified way of working with AJAX. And even if something wasn't in jQuery, its was often available as a plugin. I think it's fair to say that jQuery changed a lot in web development.

But let's be honest, the time has come for jQuery to disappear from out set of go-to libraries. Web development has rapidly changed over the last years and many issues that jQuery tried to solve simply don't exist anymore (when looking at modern browsers). Sizzle and DOM manipulation can now be done with the native querySelectors, AJAX requests can easily be performed using more advanced libraries and now ES6 has been introduced, the syntax and coding style of jQuery start to look a bit outdated (example: the way jQuery handles async code using Deferred looks nowhere near the A+ standard for promises).

The way we develop web applications has also changed, we no longer use JavaScript as simple "glue" between out HTML page and our backend. Instead, we use advanced libraries like Angular or React. "Plugins" have become packages that we install using package managers and remote data is often fetched using dedicated "data stores". jQuery just doesn’t fit well in this new approach.

In the past few years, jQuery has almost become a synonym for JavaScript. But I do think that the time has come to say goodbye to this "good ol'" library and move forward.

Lets say goodbye to jQuery...

Published on June 4, 2016, 6:36 p.m.